Leave The Beauty Blogging Alone and Face Your Books

So before y’all bite my head off, hear me out.

This is the problem  with all the African girls trying to become YouTube gurus… everybody and their cousins are trying to jump on that money train. Now trust me, I love makeup just as much as the next person but that does not qualify me to become a beauty blogger. Just because Patricia popped off does not mean that Kolawole, Temi and Damilola will now pop off too (If you’re a beauty blogger and name is listed, no shade sis)

A lot of young African girls are under the impression that all it takes to become a beauty blogger is a camera and being aware of the current makeup trends. Just like anything else YouTube takes hard work and dedication. Most of the now popular African beauty gurus were at this for yearssss before popping off and still haven’t hit the success that they deserve. Take my featured image for this post as an example, those are the “best” beauty gurus online…Not a woman of color in site, but this isn’t meant to be a color thing so let’s continue…

Let’s look at this from a business perspective real quick; YouTube is a business and now you want to become business partners. If you want to be successful, why would you bring them the same proposal that they have received 15 times in the past week? What’s gonna set you apart from Jackie, Shirley or JJ? All this does is saturate an already overly saturated market and greatly decreases your chances of success.

If make up and beauty is your passion why not build your brand through other platforms? You’re in college, start off locally. Use your friends and photograph them. Participate in local showcases. Get your name out there ! Network locally and building a name for yourself. You set on social media? Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat will get you waaaayy farther, it’s all about how you market.

This post isn’t meant to discourage or throw salt on anybody’s hustle, If anything it’s meant to keep it real with you. Now if you’re just YouTube is just a hobby and you aren’t trying to come up off of it then by all means, go head sis but if you we’re really hoping to just post two makeup videos a month and not trying to put in any hard work then just face your books and get that degree !

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  1. typicalteenager76 says:

    Great post! I really agree x


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