You Want a $200 Date But You Don’t got $200 Date Money ?

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and he claimed that women had killed chivalry. Now, automatic instinct was to argue with him but I honestly didn’t even have a rebuttal because he was right.

There’s not a day that passes where I don’t see women on twitter complaining about men being cheap on dates or how if a man is trying to just take her to dinner and a movie he’s broke and he wants no parts. Now don’t get me wrong, if a man asks you out on a first date and all he’s got planned is some fast food and a movie then  you should be offended because that man obviously does not rate you. Not because he’s taking you to the movies, but because he’s taking you to a fast food joint.

The big problem here is that with this new feminism wave thing women want to be treated as the man’s equal and also given the same opportunities as men. So while we out here caping for equal rights and whatnot, men want to flip it and take it as us wanting to do things for ourselves so they should no longer have to pay for dates anymore (that’s a broke nigga excuse if you ask me)

But all of that is besides the point. As women you cannot be expecting a man to take you on 200 dollar dates every single time. We want to be treated as equals and not like pieces of meat but if we out here asking for men to take us on these $$$ dates that does nothing but make them think we only up here for a come up or a meal and once a man thinks that, isssaallova sis.

I’ve always been an advocate of not expecting a man to spend more than I would spend on him and I feel like more women should be that way. If you wouldn’t spend more than 50 dollars on a date with him, why are you asking for Benihanas and all this boujie caucasian sh@#t ?


Don’t expect a man to bring everything to the table when you don’t even got your own table sis

And y’all gotta stop down playing Nando’s as a date location because that peri peri chicken really hits the spot !

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