Let Yourself Be Loved Sis

When you feel uncomfortable or have feelings you don’t want to deal with, just disappear and start acting weird- best solution ever 

Well at least that’s what I used to think 

It was around middle school that I decided feelings weren’t for me and whenever it was possible to run away, i would as fast and as far as possible but if we’re being honest that hasn’t gotten me very far in life. 

But after a while that catches up with you and I mean you don’t wanna end up like Aunty Bimpe who is 45 and looking for Mr. Right, not realizing her cold way and stubborness pushed him a way, right ? 

Don’t let this become you, sis

I know that sometimes after a bad relationship or situation, we can sometimes be turned off of relationships but that’s not fair to the potential actually good suitors trying to come your way. 

Now I’m not saying be oblivious and fall for the first seemingly good guy you see, but I’m saying if he’s trying to court  you and do things other than have you come over to nextflix and chill, then give my man a shot. 
Answer some of those DM’s and text message you get! Stop being so lightskinned and respond to those unsaved numbers ! 

Don’t let your blessing pass you by because Deonté or Ade broke your heart and now you done sworn off men. For all you know the love of your life might be the guy you’ve been overlooking or have shoved in the friend zone.

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