Mental Illness: It’s a Race Thing Too

How come whenever the media wants to bring light to mental illness, the person always has to be white ?

Shameless, United States of Tara, Fight Club, Split & many more…

The answer to that is simple; white people are allowed to have mental illnesses and we are not.

Jake can show signs of depression and deviant behaviour and he’s gonna be met with nothing but support, interventions & even offered rehab.

Sade on the other hand… All she gets is asswhoopings, told to suck it up, threats of sending her back to live in the village with her grandma & a possible shot from the cops

If you look at it from the media stand point, whenever people have a mental illness they get treated completely different; In United States of Tara, Tara had multiple personalities and was surrounded with nothing but support and therapy. When she wanted to get off her meds, no one tried to force her to stay on them.

Same goes for Shameless, Ian becomes bipolar and all they do is baby him and let him do whatever the f!# he wants to. Now look at Empire; André had the same illlness as Ian from Shameless and all he ever got was being called crazy from his father. (although Luscious is Lucifers reincarnate, that’s besides the point) Besides Cookie, the only person to take care of André was his WHITE wife.

Or when Issa told Molly she should go to therapy and that started a whole beef because Molly took it as an insult. Like what’s wrong with therapy ??? Shiiiiit If I still had insurance, I never would’ve stopped going. As a person who is completely against medication and anti-depressants, I feel like therapy is absolutely amazing and worth it, and definitely something everyone should experience at least once in their life.

For a long time in the black community there’s always been this stigma around mental illness and their validity and I’ve never understood why to be honest. Part of me always thought it had to do with like slave times and just noy being allowed to show weakness and what not, which I think is a somewhat valid theory.

It’s no secret that historically speaking, black people have taken the largest amount of Ls and over time that might’ve messed with our psychie or our ability to really be in tune with our psychological state.

You ain’t never heard of no schizophrenic, bipolar, or split personality slaves have you ? (If you have please link me, because I would love to read that) but just because we never heard of it doesn’t mean it never existed though.

In a recently posted article, Ebony magazine states that suicide rates for black children have surpassed all other races…

White people the crazy ones yet our children are taking their own lives more than these crazy mf’ers shooting up schools and churches ?!  

Like honestly something’s gotta give. For so many of our children to be taking the easy way out means it’s time for a change and fast..

If little Jimmy gets treatment for his mental illness, Daquan should at least be given the same opportunity as well 

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