Judging Rich People’s Fashion Choices at The Grammy’s

rs_634x1024-170212170509-634-celine-dion-cm-21217Aunty Celine is just out here aging gracefully and looking like a bag of money from head to toe, got me feeling green with envy (see what I did there ?)

rs_634x1024-170212144306-634-22-017-grammy-awards-arrivals-girl-crushLooking at Girl Crush‘ dress just reminds me of all the fun I used to have in the ball pits at Chuck E Cheese when I was younger.

rs_634x1024-170212163809-634-tim-mcgraw-faith-hill-grammy-awards-los-angeles-kg-021217Honestly, I don’t think I have ever seen Tim McGraw look anything less than daddy-ish on a red carpet… Faith Hill looks nice too

rs_634x1024-170212161724-634-ceelo-green-2017-grammy-awardsThis nigga Cee-Lo Green really showed up looking like the C-3PO from Star Wars, I can’t even

rs_634x1024-170212143136-634-2017-grammy-awards-arrivals-joy-villaThis woman has been wearing off the wall looks to the Grammy’s for the last four years yet we still don’t know her or her music and her wearing a Trump dress just tells me her judgement in life is offtherefore I don’t need to check out her music

rs_634x1024-170212164611-634-katherine-mcphee-cm-21217I love everything about Katherine McPhee‘s look last night, it’s so simple and sleek yet still sexy and put together.

rs_634x1024-170212130635-634-mya-cm-21217I swear it’s as if Mya has not aged since 2001, I am shook. Literally looks like she just walked out of a business meeting and came ready to steal somebody’s man.

rs_634x1024-170212134708-634-2017-grammy-awards-arrivals-dizva-zappaI could’ve got with the dress and pig tails but it’s the worn out converses with paint that got to me like, Sis wyd? You can’t have a name like Diva Zappa and walk on a red carpet looking anything less than a diva

FIJI Water At The 59th Annual GRAMMY AwardsAs always, Queen Rih Rih looks amazing. Hair is laid, face is beat, skin is glowing. Like there’s really nothing else to say

rs_634x1024-170212133623-634-2017-grammy-awards-arrivals-jacqueline-van-bierkAnother artist that wears off the wall looks on the red carpet but this actually works and looks creative.

rs_634x1024-170212171607-634-chance-cm-21217Chance looks dope. There really isn’t anything bad to say here. Congratulations to him winning his first Grammy too, definitely well deserved


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