Judging Rich People’s Fashion Choices: Brit Awards 2017


As a child in primary school, I was always told that if I don’t have anything nice to say, I should keep my mouth shut. With that being said, I’ll just move on and keep my thoughts on Natalia Vodianova to myself


Brooklyn Beckham is looking mighty posh, If I do say so myselfrs_634x1024-170222111054-634-katy-pery-brit-awards

I’m honestly so happy about this look because I personally  thought Katy Perry looked a hot ass mess at the Grammy’s but everything about this look is super cute. Way to redeem yourself Katheryn


I really don’t know too much about Little Mix but they are stunning. Although I think the girl in the denim looks the best, I feel like they could’ve looked  a bit more uniform since they are a girl group, and the torpedo tities were kind of throwing me offrs_1024x759-170222102221-1024-the-1975-brit-awards

The 1975 is really giving me some early 00’s Pan!c at The Disco/ OK GO! Vibes with this look and I ain’t even mad at it.


I guess someone forgot to tell Charlotte Crosby that we left cheetah print back in 2008. Everything about this was just so unflattering for her frame smh. Her stylist really played her


I love Ellie Goulding and I think she looks super cute. You can never go wrong with a black dress


I love this jumpsuit on Grace Chatto. the fit is really cute and flattering on her figure but I can’t obsess over it because it’s way too many different shades of blue on from her hair, to the purse, the jumpsuit, and even the shoes. If she had gone with one solid color this would’ve definitely been top 5


Honestly, this is a LOOK. Rita Ora killed it, as always, but I could’ve done without the Jacket


Wiley was really wylin’ when he picked out this suit. It’s just way too much going on for me

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