Judging Rich People’s Fashion Choices: Essence Black Women in Hollywood 10th Anniversary 

Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of the Essence Black Women in Hollywood event and it would not be me if I didn’t judge the rich people’s fashion choices

I’m a major Issa Rae supporter but this look though… yeah Issa No for me dawg. It’s just too much going on for me

I can’t get with this look because I just can’t support Aunty Joan showing her brezz to the public

Love the shoes and the hair. Hate the dress. Something about the front is just throwing me off

No disrespect to the designer but this dress looks very Instagram boutique-y for me. I would expect so much more from one of Destiny’s former children.

I don’t want to knock Pharrell too much because this whole look is actually something I would wear…to like school or on a chill day, not to no Hollywood event

Laverne is looking like a lost cast member of AHS Coven in this all black and I’m not even mad at it. The cape, the long black hair, the maxi dress… I am loving it aall

Amber Stevens is giving me Rich housewife / head of PTA / getting ready for dinner with my man vibes with this look

This that wedding reception grown and sexy type dress but I think it looks beautiful, just could’ve done without the puffy sleeves

I think Logan Browning looks amazing. I’m all for monochromatic looks and this color is so flattering to her skin as well

Danielle Brooks looks like a bag of money, that’s all I have to say about this

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