Judging Rich People’s Fashion Choices: Oscars 2017 

With Black History month coming to an end and the Oscar’s having been last night, I decided to do my usual fashion judgement but this time focus on some of the beautiful people of color.

Happy Black History Month x

You know when you buy one of those synthetic curly wigs and they look beautiful out the pack, but then by like the fifth wear the curls begin to look all disheveled and what not? That’s the vibe I’m getting from Halle Berry‘s hair here. This just looks like a failed Bantu knot out. Honestly just hate this look all together. She too fine and too rich to be looking like this

I have nothing bad to say about this. Janelle Monae looks absolutely stunning

Red dresses on dark skinned women are always an automatic winner for me. Miss Viola Davis came looking like a bag of money ready to win these awards

Mahershala Ali… Lawd this man is all types of fine and my heart just can’t take it. I’m so happy for him and his success though

Yes this is a picture of Samuel L. Jackson and, yes, he looks nice but I had no idea his wife was so beautiful oh my goodness. Although I hate her shoes, I think Miss LaTanya looks bomb.. they’ve been married for over 25 years, how did I not know this???

Round of applause to Taraji and her entire team because this whole look is wonderful. The dress, the bob, the minimal jewelry & the simple shoes just look amazing. Way to redeem yourself from the Grammy’s red carpet, sis

Naomie Harris … yeah don’t really care for this look. It’s not bad but it’s nothing special neither. She’s done better

The Moonlight boys- Trevanté Rhodes, Alex Hibbert & Ashton Sanders all look nice. I wish the suits were a bit more tailored for them but you can never go wrong with a classic suit

This dress on Ava DuVernay is giving me mad Cinderella / Quinceñera vibes on the bottom but I really like the detailing and top half

John Legend & Chrissy Teigen look like that couple where the super hot cheerleader fell for the band geek and they fell in love and lived happily ever after… nonetheless they are a beautiful couple and they always look great on red carpets

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