Judging Rich People’s Fashion Choices: ACM Awards 2017

So I’m not going to sit here and pretend like I’m a country music connoisseur of any sorts but I think I know a good amount plus I love judging red carpet looks (feel free to check my other ones out right here) so why not,  right?


I love everything about Miranda Lambert‘s dress, I love the plunging neckline and the white and gold fabric is just super pretty to me. Keeping the accessories and hair & makeup soft was a very smart choice, way to go on her behalf


I absolutely love Lady Antebellum (Need you now is an absolute favourite) but everything about this is just bad x 3. I don’t know who dressed Hillary and told her this dress was acceptable but they need to get fired. This dress does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for her figure. If anything, it makes her look like a potato sack, and the shoes… lord Jesus these shoes are terrible. These are some like freshman homecoming or Easter Sunday heels and I hate them. I’m not gonna rag on the guys because honestly when it comes to red carpets, they tend to undersell but they all should know better


Sam Hunt is a snack. This man is amazingly beautiful and this all black paired with this manly scuff situation he’s got going on is absolutely beautiful.


I love Tim McGraw and Faith Hill and Tim literally always looks amazing but I’m not really feeling Faith’s outfit. This red belt is so like 2009 for me and I just feel like the dress was not really red carpet worthy. This is more like off work straight to a dinner date with my husband type of dress. Hair and make up look amazing though


Okay so aside from every single member of Little Big Town being absolutely beautiful, they’re a very stylish group as well. I love how the guys kept up with a general color scheme and the girls look absolutely beautiful from head to toe. Kimberly’s dress is literally super cute and her curly hair just gives me young and very flirty vibes.


I think Keith Urban looks so good, I’d pass on the shoes, but I’m not really feeling Nicole Kidman‘s dress in this. The fabric is really giving me some African aunty wedding material vibes and it just looks very bleh to me and I feel like she could’ve done a bit more with her hair to make it a bit better


Carrie Underwood looks absolutely amazing. Like on some Cinderella going to the ball level.

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